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Every person has to struggle with setbacks and difficulties in life. You’ll usually manage on your own, with support from family or friends. But sometimes you just need an objective professional who feels and sympathizes with you. Someone who offers a helping hand so you can move on.

Facing similar problems over and over again

You may have realized that you’re facing similar problems over and over again. For example, things don’t work out with your study or at work, or you always seem to fall for wrong partners. You are wondering why you do the things you do and need some insight. You would like to try a different approach, so you can get other results.

Important changes

Perhaps there are important changes that have put your life upside down, or you’re entering another stage of life. Think of moving or migration, another job, getting into or breaking up a relationship, loss of health or vitality, family conflicts, children leaving the house, retirement, or having to cope with the sadness for the loss of a beloved person.

I focus on counseling adults. You can contact me for all kinds of problems. After a non-committal introductory acquaintance by phone we'll estimate what I can do for you. You can decide whether or not you like to work with me. If for some reason we don’t connect we will not start and there will be no charge.


Counseling will help you get your life back on track. You will become empowered and develop self-confidence to tackle what can be solved and accept what is unchangeable. You are stronger and more resilient than you think. You’ll learn to take control of your life so that you can become who you really are. Humor is important and laughter is okay during treatment. But you’re not here for the fun of it. Treatment lasts as short as possible and no longer than necessary. Small changes in thinking and behavior often have great positive results.


Coaching is supporting people who are not mentally ill, but who are trying to solve a problem that they’re facing. These can be ordinary problems, such as struggling at work or in your relationship. But this may as well be questions related to stages of life such as dilemmas related to becoming a parent, a career switch, or a reflection on how to further your life. To make the distinction with therapy it is sometimes said that therapy is a means to get a patient's life with a 'score' 3 or 4 to a 5.5. While coaching is a means to get a client's life from a 5.5 to a 7 or 8. Coaching is also helpful if you have no problems but are interested in personal development. Coaching helps develop your self-awareness. People who sign up for coaching often have a concrete coaching question, but that is not necessary. We can also explore your main question together.

Walking Coaching

Coaching is not restricted to the consulting room. A widely used alternative is walking coaching. Walking literally and figuratively gets you into motion. Being outdoors in nature helps putting things into perspective and enables you to look at the situation from a distance. Outside hiking promotes a relaxed atmosphere. While walking we don’t have to face each other. This can make topics easier to discuss. It's not weird to remain silent for a while, which makes it easier for you to ‘slow down’, tap into your feelings and think deeper. The practice is 200 meters from the beach.

Costs of consultations

A consultation takes 45 minutes and costs € 85, - ex VAT. Instant payment is to be made by bankapp or in cash. You will receive an invoice by e-mail instantly.

Investment in yourself

I chose not to collaborate with health insurers. This is the only way I can fully guarantee your anonymity and discretion. Your insurer, employer or GP do not need to know that you’re consulting me. Seeing me is an investment in yourself. You cannot claim the costs with your insurer.

If your employer compensates for the costs,  we will make arrangements with your employer to ensure confidentiality of our conversations. We first discuss what information, if any, may be shared with the employer.


Dolf van der Doorn MSc

Psycholoog en lifecoach

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